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With creativity and innovation, public transportation becomes attractive to the population.

To win Curitiba was a huge achievement. After all, it was Curitiba that invented the concept of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), a system which is now adopted in more than 180 cities worldwide. By employing technology in favor of urban mobility, Curitiba experienced the positive effects that attract people to public transportation. The new validation system saw bus station robberies decrease by 42%. In addition, the adoption of facial biometrics integrated with electronic fare collection provided an annual gain of US$ 1.2 million as it prevented fraud.

Expanding on the concept of a smart city, a new electronic fare model was established in partnership with MasterCard which added new features to user’s cards: the ability to purchase pre-paid credit in physical and online stores. Passengers can also access the urban transportation system by means of their bank cards through EMV technology or smartphones with NFC technology.