Transporting people within a city or between them is a growing technological challenge

From operational control of mass transit to modern car sharing apps, every technological advancement reflects on user mobility and experience. A transportation network becomes more attractive to the population whenever it applies technology in its favor.

Passengers’ necessities have changed and so has their way of interacting with public transportation.  It’s time to evolve and keep up with these transformations. For 25 years, we have operated in a precise and collaborative manner with transit operators and authorities through modern and integrated solutions that streamline passengers’ day to day lives and greatly improve the efficiency of transport system management.


Our solutions allow operators to focus on what they do best: transporting people.


Fields of Operation

  • Traffic management

  • Bus

  • Subway

  • Train

  • Waterways


We always work very close with our clients. Sharing ideas multiplies results. Our company is utterly committed to meet the needs of operators and passengers through our innovative, integrated, and complete ITS technologies.

With cutting-edge vision, we’ve created solutions where automated fare collection, operational control, antifraud mechanisms, and telemetry work together. Or separately. Whatever they may be, we can answer the demands of public transport authorities and operators.

Smart management and technologies that serve mobility make public transportation much more attractive.


A history connected with the future