An efficient public transportation network may require the integration of different features and services.

Complex systems demand smart billing: fare discounts can be automatically granted based on time of day, day of the week, and transfers. Settings are easily configured on the ticketing management platform.

Our solution is modular, so the operator can choose what services they wish to offer. This flexibility allows the V6 to include new features while in operation. The technology can accept Cipurse® Cards to payments by smartphones, EMV bank cards, and even QR codes. Different methods of payment simplify user access and automate fare collection.

And the database is smart, robust, and offers up to 350 different types of online reports. Our TDMax Reports provide a complete and broad menu that displays devices in use, financial data, and much more. The TD ITS Reports present operational data, fuel consumption, telemetry, and other metrics. They can be exported in a variety of different formats, including for Business Intelligence tools.



Antifraud control to prevent other people from using special benefits.

Fares can be offered at special discount prices or have special payment options for certain passengers. Facial Biometrics is an antifraud solution that blocks the unauthorized use of such special benefits.

The Facial Biometrics camera, which is integrated to the V6, quickly and automatically checks every access. The images collected are compared by facial recognition software to the ones in the user’s registry. The system generates a list of suspicious accesses that can ultimately block cards that have been used irregularly.



The link between smart fare billing and geo-positioning.

Passengers prefer to pay only for the length of their ride. Our technology enables the automatic billing of a user’s travelled route through geolocation systems.

When the user passes their card on the validator, their location of boarding is registered and access is granted. When they exit, the same process recognizes their geolocation, calculates the fare, and opens the turnstile after due payment.



Online monitoring is the path to efficiency.

A fleet demands attention: but how do you control a several complex daily occurrences? Technology is currently the best answer to the success of a public transportation system. Higher operational monitoring and efficiency yields better service quality and more passengers.

With online access to information, management becomes much easier. We united GPS controls - tracking, position in traffic, times, speed, communication with the fleet manager, solicited stops, convoy data - with data from the end of the shift to evaluate security and fuel consumption. The crossing of data allows the operator to plan ideal lines and stops in order to reduce costs.



Absolute control of the entire technological package, services, and devices employed by the fleet.

Whoever manages a transportation network cannot work without detailed information. Real-time control of what happens on the field improves decision-making processes and reduces impacts on the operation.

Under one umbrella, have the full support of the entire management system to solve daily situations. An integral view of all solutions and devices allows for coordinated responses, generating comfort and safety for passengers. The end result is a highly attractive transportation network.



Can we reduce or even eliminate cash payments for fares prior to boarding? Yes, that’s possible!

This is a wish shared by nearly all public transport operators in every country. Whether to bolster safety or guarantee faster boarding times, it’s imperative to stimulate users to pay for their fares in advance. Purchases of fares on websites or apps, self-service totems, and mobile payment terminals, assignment of credit to registered users, and immediate fare attribution can meet the demands of any transportation system.



Real-time data for passengers.

People who use a certain mode of public transportation need to know some information: Where to board? What’s the average waiting time? What’s the estimated time of arrival? Therefore, an appealing transportation service must offer easy access to information.

Our tools that are integrated to operational control and telemetry software provide real-time information to passengers.  With a dedicated app, our users have their ride’s details in the palm of their hands.



Rides with no waiting lines are attractive to passengers.

In the past years, bus models have become much more modern, and car sharing and aerial transportation have evolved. Only the intercity bus service has stagnated, and passengers have felt that. It’s time to revive bus trips as a quality travel option that’s accessible to all.

When we created an easily deployable technology to sell fares through cellphones, self-service totems, and booths that issued e-tickets, we reimagined bus service as a public transportation system with no lines and greater comfort and agility for the passenger.



Integrate user habits and connect opportunities.

We link all elements of passenger interaction, whether they’re related to sales or customer contact with the company, to improve our decision-making processes. It’s possible to centralize the data, analyze it, and create specific benefits to generate customer fidelity.

By creating an activity log that registers passenger usage and preferences, we can offer perks such as bus ticket reservation, loyalty programs, specially catered sales, and other benefits that are aligned with business strategies that increase sales and passenger frequency.



With all your data in cloud, you can act faster and more accurately. 

To implement and maintain all the technology used to process and store data of transportation routes require an infrastructure that surpasses an operator’s target.

Our cloud platform combines excellent cost and guaranteed non-stop system service with high processing speed, ease of use, trained support staff, security and data backup. And there’s no extra cost for installation.



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