One validator.
Countless solutions.


The functionality of a validator with the operational benefits of an on-board computer. No solution is more powerful than all of them together. All services are present in one system, and you can choose which one to enable at any time. That’s the V6.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have evolved a lot. But the integration of different devices and software has become an enormous challenge for operators. So we’ve created a cutting edge and modular system: the V6. It offers technology to manage operation with the flexibility of selecting which features are in use.


Validator | AVL | on-board computer – all in one

. Water and dirt protection rating IP54
. Tamper-proof protection rating IK07
. Cipurse® | Mifare | EMV* Cards
. Cellphone purchases through NFC* or QR Code* 
. No lines: Scanning and validation within 0.35 seconds (350 milliseconds)
. AVL System (position capture)
. Connectivity – Wi-Fi | 3G | 4G
. Telemetry  – RPM | transmission | post-key | doors | windshield wipers

* Optional