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Sales network: no on-board cash exchanges and more convenience to passengers.

Located in Paraná, Cascavel has a population of 320,000 people and is 491km from Curitiba, the state capital. The city’s large streets and well-distributed neighborhoods call for an efficient public transportation network. ValeSim operates Cascavel’s transportation system, and since 2008, Transdata has been tasked with providing technology to optimize their lines. Aside from employing our smart electronic ticketing system with time and space reference integration, they’ve adopted our facial biometrics antifraud features and our tracking and telemetry packages. When they expanded the use of our Sales Network tool, increasing the numbers of sales points and ATM terminals, Cascavel managed to achieve an immensely desired result: eliminate on-board cash by 100%.

By applying our technology to their operation, trips have become more convenient and safer. Passengers can buy credits whenever they want, receive real-time data on bus schedules through apps such as Google, Moovit, and CittaMobi, and operators have even seen a reduction of revenue evasion.