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Evolving to achieve great results.

The capital of Rio Grande do Norte concentrates 25.4% of the state’s population with over 800,000 people. Among Brazilian capitals, it’s the sixth greatest in terms of population density. That means transporting 8.6 million passengers each month. Since 2012, Transdata’s tools have been helping the city’s operators improve their revenues and prevent frauds. With that many passengers using the system, any technological advancement will generate great results. Recently, new solutions and devices were deployed, modernizing on-board technologies and providing a cutting-edge antifraud control.

After the implementation of the V6 Validator, the RF5 Camera, Facial Biometrics, and our Fleet and Operation Management System, the benefits became clearly visible. With more flexibility in settings and higher efficiency in system management, the results in facial recognition, our main ally in fraud prevention, stand out and are responsible for an increase in revenue.